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Hatha Yoga – A flowing eclectic blend of yoga styles designed to challenge body and mind.  Appropriate for all levels.

Barre Class – Standing warm-up; arm & upper body exercises with light weights; lower body routine at the barre for strengthening key muscles; abdominal work on the mat before stretching. Emphasis on ballet posture.

Yoga Light, Yin Yoga, Beginner’s Yoga or Gentle Yoga – Basic yoga classes which are appropriate for all levels.  Build strength and flexibility while developing body/mind awareness.  Classes are slower and more relaxed which is appropriate for beginners.

Yoga Flow + (Plus) – A 75 minute demanding practice designed to develop strength, flexibility and stamina.  Emphasis on building core strength.

Full Body Yoga Flow Workout – This class is designed to work out the whole body to restore, renew and heal the body. Traditional yoga poses allow the body to truly relax and release long-held tightness. This yoga is suitable for all levels, is the perfect way to end any stressful day. As the class specifies, we do lying down poses, sitting poses and stand up poses. Special attention is given to each pose and assist is provided during the class. At the  end of the class ends, the instructor provides an essential oil for uplifting and relaxation.

Gentle Plus Gentle plus is along the lines of moderate or mild. Gentle plus focuses on stretching and breathing, not feats of strength or extreme flexibility. You may do standing postures, forward bends, and low-impact backbends, in addition to seated stretches.

Traditional Gentle Yoga for beginners- This class is designed for first time yogis and also those who want to know more about yoga poses. It’s the right class for you if you want to learn the fundamentals of yoga. The instructor will give you some background on yoga while you’re seated, followed by different poses step by step. Assist will be provided then and there.