Meditation – Relaxation for the Mind

We give our bodies time to rest but what about our minds? Even during sleep (for the most part) our minds are busy. Amazingly enough, underneath all of the mental chatter there is a place of serenity where the past and the future come together in the present. As the noise in our minds begins to lose its grip so does the tension in our bodies. Getting in touch with and having a sense of inner quiet leads us to a place of deep peace and spaciousness. Meditation is the practice of mindfulness and awareness; it’s learning to center our attention in the present moment, it’s learning to pay attention to ourselves and to the world around us.

Exploring a formal meditation practice or discovering what comes most naturally is unique for each of us. To be totally present and in the moment for some, may take the form of yoga or Tai Chi, to others it may hiking through the ancient Redwood forests.

But no matter what form of meditation we choose all of us can master rather than be mastered by our minds. Our experience of the “mind” can be likened to meeting a good friend, an ally, one that is consistently calm, clear, stable and strong. Meditation is a journey of return to who we really are, fueling and inspiring us, and urging us on. This journey can be profound.

By connecting to our source of inner stillness, we come home to what is true. When we make a commitment to a clear mind, and an open heart, we are making the choice to live our lives with integrity, respect and compassion. When we are present and aware, we can actually begin to relax our minds and live our lives with a renewed sense of balance and joy.